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@Dannymcfly: Off to write some tunes👍 #mcbusted

why would you edit a picture that is already edited and not just edit the original picture? why would you post an edit in a gallery as if it was an original picture, why don’t you ask for the original instead (not as anonymous)?
I don’t know if you know that I take my time to try to find nice pictures of mcfly and I don’t have a problem to give them out if you ask for them nicely. I’ve been seeing these kind of stuff for months and I decided not to talk about it but it’s getting annoying by now, it makes me want to give up posting to be honest. Sorry if I sound selfish and stupid I’m probably feeling like this because I’m tired and I need sleep but I don’t know, this still affects me..

High Hopes - The Vamps


One Direction I Would

By Leigh Keily

Anonymous asked: i'm also hella excited to the mcbusted album, but that means another tour right ? so that means we probably will only have mcfly 6th album by the end of 2015 or 2016 right ? if they ever return to be mcfly tho or do you thing mcbusted can last even longer than that ? because even thought i like them together i prefer mcfly and i'm afraid that won't be mcfly again :/

I don’t know how much McBusted is going to last but I doubt it’s forever, I think the new album is gonna be great, I don’t know, we’ll just have to wait and see what’s next. Let’s just relax, enjoy what they are doing and stop the drama. x

Anonymous asked: So, is this the end of Mcfly? it's not like they didn't put their album on hold for this mcbusted crap.

I’m sorry than you don’t like McBusted, I just really enjoy it. McFly is not gonna end, come on, you know that, we all know that McBusted’s not gonna last forever. I can’t wait to hear their songs, I bet all the people who’s complaining (like you) are gonna change their minds.