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McFly - The Hot Desk interview  x

Happy 29th Birthday Tom Fletcher.

I remember you used to be the chubby one in the band, a very shy guy who always covered his face when he smiled or laughed. I know you went through many problems but you fought them all and now you are a strong and confident man. Even though you don’t know this you help me day by day, you are my inspiration. Thank you for everything.

sugarsasparillas asked: hi babe sorry to bother you, but would you mind giving me a little shoutout? this is a new mcfly blog and i have absolutely no followers eek! :D

I love seeing new McFly blogs! you should all follow to see more mcfly in your dash :D


Happy 29th birthday TOM FLETCHER! +

McBusted in Ibiza for Danny’s Stag Do

Dougie Poynter photoshoots. (inspiration)

OMG I don’t deserve so much kindness, this is so lovely, if anyone has to say thanks that’s me, I have to thank you all for liking my blog and being so lovely with me *sigh*

This is just so sweet!! I’m glad you like my blog. I really love spending time here talking with you all, making silly graphics and gifs and just sharing our love for McFly. I don’t know if you know this but everytime I get a reblog or a like I feel loved :3 anyway thank you so much whoever did this, you are lovely!