Missing McFly is okay and understandable. Getting annoyed with temporary McBusted fans is okay and understandable. Sending hate to anyone because they aren’t doing what you want them to do is not okay or understandable. 

Best Tour Moment Of 2014 

McFLY Discography

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@Dannymcfly: Off to write some tunes👍 #mcbusted

why would you edit a picture that is already edited and not just edit the original picture? why would you post an edit in a gallery as if it was an original picture, why don’t you ask for the original instead (not as anonymous)?
I don’t know if you know that I take my time to try to find nice pictures of mcfly and I don’t have a problem to give them out if you ask for them nicely. I’ve been seeing these kind of stuff for months and I decided not to talk about it but it’s getting annoying by now, it makes me want to give up posting to be honest. Sorry if I sound selfish and stupid I’m probably feeling like this because I’m tired and I need sleep but I don’t know, this still affects me..

High Hopes - The Vamps


One Direction I Would