Air guitar / air bass originals

Air Zone in Ibiza.


McBusted is one of those opportunities that will happen once in a lifetime.



Anonymous asked: Dude some people don't like mcbusted, deal with it as long as I'm not talking shit to the band who cares. I think air guitar sounds like shit because it sounds like a song i would have jammed to when I was six, I'm now 21. I don't think James is a great song writer. He a writes like an angsty 13 year old who wanks too much.


I’m totally aware some people don’t like McBusted and i’m pretty disappointing by it! And hey, you don’t like it? Cool, it’s whatever. I’m just sad I haven’t really seen any positive feedback. And it annoys me that so many fans where complaining (quite a few that I could see to the band) that they wanted Mcfly to only focus on Mcfly and were totally against McBusted before they even released anything.

Continuing with Mcfly, I’m just shocked at how dreadful some fans have been, especially considering that they honestly almost called it quits after Above The Noise, let them bloody do what they like, I’m sure they’re nervous to release their own stuff since they were so unhappy with the last album. I suppose I’m used to seeing the happy go lucky people in the fandom, so seeing blogs with ‘Mcfly’ in their urls and the lack of support is pretty depressing.

Moving on, yeah dude, Busted was aimed towards 13 year olds and so were Mcfly when they started. I think it makes sense that they kind of kept the sound that they had, instead of going for a totally different sound, what would the point be? You don’t have to like James, but he’s staying true to his writing style.

I of course didn’t expect everyone to be these massive fans of McBusted, but there’s so much negativity going around and it got me down. If you don’t like it, alright, whatever. If you DO hit me up and lets fangirl

jamielannistered said: except from the part in which they’re sexually degrading women?? ‘i’d date a popstar and a model on the side’? i hate to be the annoying feminist of the situation but that was really fucking uncalled for and sexist

I just like to think they are just making fun of the ‘rockstar’ image, like that’s the typical cliché, if you are a popstar you date a model, although there’s nothing wrong with dating a model lol Danny has married Georgia and she seems to be so lovely and not just a face or a body

I have air guitar on repeat all day, I just don’t get tired of it. I was walking on the street listening to it and I felt the urge to jump and whip my hair, it’s brilliant

Air Guitar - McBusted